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Bangladeshi immigrant's daughter London's poorest boroughs wins place at MIT

The daughter of an immigrant who lives in one of the poorest parts of the UK is 'over the moon' after winning a place MIT in America, where Buzz Aldrin went to university. 

Tafsia Shikdar, from Newham, has won a scholarship to the world-famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology worth £200,000 to help pay for tuition, accommodation and books.

She will swap her family home in West Ham for the university in Boston, studying alongside some of the smartest people in the world for a degree in engineering. 

Tafsia currently studies at the Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre who organised her interview and application preparation with a Harvard graduate.

After a successful application, she was interviewed by an MIT admissions scout based in the UK at a Central London coffee shop.

She said: 'It sounds a bit corny but I guess you could say I am over the moon. Knowing that I am going to the same place as the second man on the moon is really amazing.

'I really admire the people who went there. They are responsible for the biggest technology advances we have seen in recent years. It will be a privilege to be among them.'

Founded in 1861, MIT counts some of the top innovators in the world of manufacturing, engineering, the internet, finance among their alumni.

source : daily mail


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