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Is Bubli main reason for Shakib, Apu clash?

The main reason of the clash between Shakib and Apu is close relationship with Bubli.


Shakib and Bubli have been more closed during one year. As a result, Shakib made distance with Apu.


Apu  claimed that she did not get Shakib during her pregnancy time as Shakib was busy with film.

In the pregnancy time, Shakib selected Bubli for two films which Apu had to act.



Apu said Shakib “You should select Nusrat Faria or others for the film except Bubli. I have no objection if you select them”


Apu said few days back Bubli uploaded picture with Shakib on her facebook and wrote ‘Family time’. Apu said “I did not endure the status. I scolded her over phone”


Besides, Shakib said Apu are lying in TV live as she could not act in the film of ‘Rangbaz’.


But Bubli are silent about the matter. Even reporters are not getting her over phone. Though Shakib and Apu both confessed that they are husband and wife.

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