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Kolkata actor Parambrata participates in 'Mangal Shovajatra'

Kolkata actor Parambrata participated in 'Mangal Shovajatra' of Dhaka University’s Fine Arts (Charukala) department celebrating Pohela Baishakh on Thursday.


The actor said, “I have come to Dhaka on Wednesday. It was my long cherished desire to participate in Mangal Shovajatra.

To fulfill that desire I kept my schedule of the film ‘Holudboni’ on April. Though the shooting work of the film is not taking place at this moment, I feel proud after attending in Mangal Shovajatra.”



He said, “All of our ill motives might be wiped away through this Mangal Shovajatra.”


Earlier on February last year, Parambrata was in Dhaka. Then he paid tribute to the language martyres by placing wreathes on the platform of the central Shaheed Minar on set of 21st February.

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