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Permanent commemoration in recognition of the death of Altab Ali || London ||

A poignant ceremonial event to remember and mark the permanent recognition of Altab Ali Day has taken place by Tower Hamlets Council.

Altab Ali’s tragic and racially motivated murder on 4 May ,1978 in a park in Whitechapel that now bears his name, helped mobilise a profound, heartfelt and energetic anti-racism movement.

The 1970's saw the rise of National Front and a constant stream of racist attacks. The terrible murder of young textile worker Altab Ali in a park in Whitechapel in 1978 marked a turning point and the Bangladeshi and other communities rallied together as part of the growing, vocal and defiant anti-racism movement.

Altab Ali Day is now a firmly established and important date in the annual calendar on which to commemorate the life and untimely death of this young man. It pays tribute to the legacy of tolerance and unity and the stance against fascism that resulted from this crime.

The ceremony, hosted by Tower Hamlets Council, included wreath laying and speeches from the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, alongside representatives of the Altab Ali Foundation and Altab Ali Trust.

Head of Arts, Parks and Events, Steve Murray said:

“Altab Ali's murder was a tragedy for our community and the demonstrations that followed helped inform  it’s subsequent importance in our borough’s history. The united community response showed that people in the East End will not tolerate division, discrimination and bigotry. Nearly forty years on and that message of community cohesion and of residents of all backgrounds standing united against racism is just as relevant.”

“We are proud that Altab Ali Day pays tribute to the local, national and international significance of his legacy and the rise of the anti-racism movement in Tower Hamlets and elsewhere.”

Vice Chair of the Altab Ali Foundation, Nooruddin Ahmed said:

“One the 39th anniversary of the racist killing of Altab Ali we remember Altab Ali and all those who died at the heart of racists. We also pledge to continue to oppose all forms of hate crime and to work towards an inclusive society.”

Other events related to Altab Ali Day include an exhibition organised by Tower Hamlets Council, Images of Resistance, which runs until 4 June.

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