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Shakib accepts Apu as wife

Dhallywood king Shakib Khan agreed to accept actress Apu Biswas as his wife on Monday under the widespread criticism inside and outside of film arena.


Now he admits, “Apu is my wife and Abraham is my son. Someone misguided Apu about myself as a part of conspiracy to destroy my career.

Now, our relationship is normal. What I told media about Apu yesterday was nothing but a wrath.”



Shakib made the disclosure to several media over phone on Tuesday noon.


He said, "I don't want to clarify more to the media at this bad time. All the facts behind the incident will be made public within a few days. You'll know the reason why Apu did it."


Terming the incident a 'trap', he said Apu has involved in a group who always want to kick me out from the industry.


During an exclusive interview with a private television channel on Monday, actress Apu Biswas claim that she is married to actor Shakib Khan and they have a seven-month-old son, Abraham Khan Joy.


Apu claimed that Shakib married her on April 18, 2008 and the marriage was solemnised at Shakib's Gulshan house in the city where some of his close relatives were present.


Her name was changed to Apu Islam Khan after the marriage and the information was kept secret at Shakib's request.

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