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Shakib ready to accept son Abraham, not Apu!

Admitting of his marriage with Apu Biswas, actor Shakib Khan told media that he was ready to take the responsibility of his son Abraham but not Apu Biswas.


According to several media reports, the Dhallywood king Shakib Khan has become angered with Apu for her live interview with NEWS24.


When asked about the secret behind hiding the information, Shakib told Bangla daily ‘Daily Prothom Alo’ that he did not want to take his personal life in front of media. He also claimed that it was a conspiracy for destroying his career.


Earlier at 4:00 pm, at an exclusive live interview with the private television channel NEWS24, Apu disclosed that she was married to Shakib in 2008 and they have a child. She was talking to the live show with her baby boy Abharam and disclosed that she gave birth baby on 27th September last year.


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