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Young journalist Jaim receives civic award

Ansar Ahmed Ullah ||

Jaim Hussain has caused sensation in the London media world. And he is only nine. He has already impressed London’s mainstream media personalities.
Growing up in a  family of journalists he has already interviewed politicians, socialites and star celebrities from Hollywood, Bollywood and Bangladesh.

As a recognition of his extraordinary work he has received civic award for 2017. Brent Mayor Cllr Parvez Ahmed conferred the award to him personally.
In addition, he received a special honour at the 4th anniversary of He was honoured by Seema Malhotra MP.

Child journalist Jaim’s father is Rakib Ruhel. Rakib Ruhel dreams of a digital Bangladesh. Now his son Jaim is realising his dream by his efforts. Jaim is also being assisted by his mother, also a journalist, Laboni Hussain.

Jaim’s parents wants him to enter mainstream media once he finishes his education to bring pride to the community. They have requested blessings for Jaim from expats and from people in Bangladesh.


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