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Yunus always pays his taxes in full and without fail'

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's recent accusation against Muhammad Yunus of not paying taxes is completely ‘false’, said a 'rejoinder' by Yunus Center on Saturday.


According to the Yunus Centre, “Professor Yunus always pays his taxes in full and without fail. He pays substantial amounts in taxes every year.

Prime minister has given false information to the nation in parliament.” “His tax files have been investigated repeatedly in order to find fault with them but every time it has come out clean,” it added.



On Wednesday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came down heavily on Grameen Bank founder and that he doesn’t pay taxes. “He has millions of money in the bank account but has not paid a single penny as the tax. He even fails to provide the source of huge amount of money, deposited in the bank,” the Prime Minister said.


The center run by the Nobel laureate said the speech delivered by the prime minister in parliament drew their attention. “Several media outlets have carried comments made by the honourable prime minister on 25 January 2017 that Muhammad Yunus has lots of money but doesn’t pay tax,” read the ‘rejoinder’ of the Yunus Centre.

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