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My Fitness Journey in 10 Steps

After giving birth to my baby boy on the 24.6.2016 I was more than ready to become my old self.

I had a few health implications during and after my pregnancy this delayed my fitness journey.

 I then started the green tea detox and fasting diet. This obviously worked as I was starving my body. However after losing almost 4 stones I went on a crazy binge. The binge lasted throughout Christmas and New years.

I knew I had added on weight but when I checked the scales I was shocked.

I had not only added on the weight I had lost but more on top.

I then vowed to myself that I would no longer take part in these fad diets. 

The first thing I did was I educated myself. Starving oneself doesn't mean that you will lose weight. Instead the body stores fat.

1: Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner (Remember eggs are you best friend)

2. Cut out the junk- Chocolate, Crisps, and desserts. (I was a chocolate addict but I do treat myself now and then) Replace with healthy options.

3. Exercise- (YouTube videos are amazing for exercising at home especially for busy mums) I personally exercise for 1 hour.

4. Be active: I would leave my son's nappy, milk etc. upstairs so I would have to keep going up and down. Try to go out for walk/jogs

5. Routine is key.

6. Try attend classes-I attend swimming and yoga classes.

7. Think deeply about your relationship with food- I realised when I am stressed I eat lots. So now when I am stressed I do some breathing exercises. This definitely stopped me from binging on junk.

8. Try out different recipes: I started to make different types of food and my husband and in laws loved it. Healthy food can also be tasty.

9. Be Positive: It is easy to get down and depressed and just binge out on junk. With a positive frame of mind anything is possible.

10. Treat yourself: I am not super strict on myself because this not a diet it is a lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle is not only focused on your body but also your mind and soul. We need to take care of ourselves physically and mentally. I myself have lost 3 stones in 3 months. And I am not starving myself. I hope this helps.

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