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Bank wants to be the country's top private bank

Bank wants to be the country's top private bank...

In the next 5 years, the country's top private sector bank wants to be a bank. The bank is preparing necessary to achieve the goal. Informal interaction with reporters on Wednesday, the bank's managing director, Selim RF Hussain told this dream. Selim RF Hussain said the surplus liquidity of the banking sector is a major problem. Increasing the amount of bank deposits, the proportion of loans and advances is not increasing. But in this case the bank has exceptional position. Bank loans increased by 30 percent over the past year. And the large number of small and medium enterprises (SME) sector. Managing Director of BRAC Bank, said his bank has a special focus on the SME sector. More than 3 billion portfolio of loans in this sector. He said SME loans require intensive monitoring. For this reason, the cost of fund management sector more than other loans. Because of the interest on deposits and loans logical gap (spread) is a little higher. Its bank credit spreads between one to two percent. But the spread of the SME sector as the overall rate of spread increases. Selim RF Hussain highlighted some of the success of the first year of his term. He said that during his tenure the bank's share price was around Rs 40. The share price of 68 rupees. Because of its impact on the performance of the bank's shares at a price. He said the banking sector is the second highest market capitalization of companies in the bank. Therefore, their position after the Islamic Bank. Many large banks Islamic banks. Many of the branch. However, only 10/1 percent of the market capitalization in the interval. Go Away next three or four years will be the difference. The Bank will promote itself as the country's top bank   ...

Prudential expresses interest in Bangladesh

Prudential expresses interest in Bangladesh...

Prudential has recently visited Bangladesh to explore business opportunities in the country. According to M Shefaque Ahmed, chairman of the Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority (IDRA) of Bangladesh, Prudential has expressed interest in Bangladesh and the IDRA will write to the insurer next week to ask for further talks. Ahmed was quoted as saying that Prudential’s entry into Bangladesh will benefit the overall insurance industry of the country. IDRA is offering a 58% controlling stake in a proposed insurance joint venture that will have a minimum paid-up capital of Tk1 billion (US$13 million). Bangladesh currently has 32 life insurance companies, but insurance penetration remains one of the lowest in the world, with just 0.7% of gross domestic product. ...

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