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Family Tex increase authorized capital

Family Tex increase authorized capital...

Family Tex textile company listed on the stock market (BD) Limited, the authorized capital of Rs 400 crore decided. Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) sources said. According to sources, the company has an authorized capital of Rs 310 crore. With 90 million expansion project to increase the company's Board of Directors decided to Rs 400 crore. Special Annual General Meeting (EGM) of shareholders in compliance with the company will be able to raise capital. The Board of Directors of the Company in the last 18 months (January, June 30, from 015, to 016) 5 per cent of the bonus dividend declared for the investors. During this period, the company's earnings per share (EPS) 8 paise. Featured asset value per share of the company at 13 rupees 68 paise. However, the company's annual general meeting (EGM) will be held on December 31. The record date has been fixed on December 1 this year. The 'A' category of the 013 companies are listed on the stock market.   ...

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