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Homeland Life Insurance Company Ltd

Life of Homeland illegal expenditure of 48 million, the auditors appointed

Life of Homeland illegal expenditure of 48 million, the auditors appointed...

48 crore 80 lakh has been spent on the management of the insurance sector in the Department of Homeland illegal Life Insurance Company Limited. The money earned from illegal unhappy customer management cost whether or not there are other irregularities and corruption, to investigate the audit firm (audit firm) has been appointed the Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority (IDRA). According to sources, Homeland Life 01, 013, and 014 is assigned Authority will audit business audit firm figure Nurul Hasan Farooq & Company. The company's cost of additional management, investment, premium income, the policy lapse, the facts of life and property of the Fund will be scrutinized. Meanwhile, the company's 48 million to 80 million illegal aidiaraera as well as the issue of the cost of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). ACC investigation against the company's operating committee. It is alleged to aidiaraera, until a total of 7 009 015 years since the first year premium income of more than Rs 48 crore compared to the management of fixed costs, the company has more than 80 lakh. -1958 In accordance with Rule 39 of the Rules of insurance for the first year of business management expenditure ceiling has been fixed at 90 per cent. But the company determined the range of 10 to 011 million more than Rs 74 lakh, Rs 74 lakh crore in 01 4, 6 crore 68 lakh in 013, 014 and 015 in 6 crore 68 lakh has spent more than 4 billion worth 6 million. Which is a violation of the rules 39 of the Insurance Rules -1958. Earlier, due to irregularities in the Padma, progress, Meghna, Sunflower and National Life insyurensasaha against a total of six special auditor (audit) employ Authority. The report audit institutions plunge image comes up against hundreds of crores of subscribers. The new audit firm has been appointed to investigate irregularities in the organization of the six. Aidiaraera Zuber Ahmed Khan, a member of the company's financial report beyond the cost of the procedure was found. Necessary measures will be taken at the end of the investigation. Homeland Life Managing Director (MD) Azizul Islam Talukder said, "than the previous rules has been spending more than Rs 48 crore. However, the plan to reduce costs in the future. Hopefully, it can be implemented. "   ...

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