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GTLive: THEY ARE WATCHING! | Little Nightmares

TOO CUTE TO DIE! | Little Nightmares (pt. 1) ► Watch MORE on the GTLive Channel! ►► USE: #GTLIVE and @matpatgt to send us comments & questions! We played LITTLE NIGHTMARES last week, and I loved it! There is so much potential for theories here, and I'm going to play through this game until we figure out what's going on. Join Steph and I for a really cool Scary Games Friday! Subscribe & hang out with us every day! ►► Follow us on Twitter at @MatPatGT and #GTLive More GTLive Videos: I HATE CHILDREN! | Kindergarten (Pt. 2) ►► KIDS ARE SO MEAN! | Kindergarten (Pt. 1) ►► Check out Hello Neighbor ALPHA 4! ►► I EXPECT YOU TO DIE in VR! ►► CUT IT OUT! | Snipperclips ►► MatPat is WILD! | Breath of the Wild (Pt. 1) ► Stanley's Start of Something Terrible! ► Sad Puppet is Sad! - FNAC Part 1 ►► Don't have much time but need a quick fix? Check out some of our highlight episodes for hilarious moments from our live streams. Here are a few to get you started. HiLite: FNAF Theorists Surprised By Scott! ► HiLite: Shocked by Man Muscle! ►► HiLite: Until Dawn's SPOOPTACULAR!!! ► Thanks to David Keller for allowing us use of his sound FX:
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