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New ipad

New ipad ...

Three new models on the market at the beginning of next year could bring the US technology company Apple iPad. According to market research firm barakleisera bislesakedera technology-related website Apple Insider reported. Analysts said the new iPad in March next year, the market may come. Two of the three models will model the latest version of the iPad on the market and will be a completely new model. According to bislesakedera market, as well as the new iPad, 10 percent of 9-inch Apple could bring a new model. In addition, 9 percent from 7-inch iPad Pro 'pro' word could come out of a model. Apple could reduce the price of some of these models. IPad will be sold alongside the new iPad Mini. 1 point 9-inch iPad Pro model may bring an updated version. Market analysts say, 10 percent of 9-inch model of the iPad display panel can give an idea about the future of the iPhone display. Apple did not make any formal announcement in this regard, however. However, Apple's display suppliers Sharp's tie-Yu Zeng said iPhone OLED panels will be used. ...

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